The Seal of the Municipality of Tagkawayan symbolizes the 45 barangays comprising the municipality. It was officially approved by the Sangguniang Bayan under the Administrative Code of 2019, Chapter II, Section 19 and by the National Historical Institute.

The Municipal Seal of the Municipality of Tagkawayan commemorates its strong agricultural heritage in order to preserve the legacy of the original settlers in the area. It depicts the scenery and the agricultural activities in which the local families for generations have invested their hearts and souls. The top image represents the beautiful sceneries in the municipality, the mountain and the seas especially with “Mataas na Bato” embodying the rich cultural history of Tagkawayan. The lower left portion is the bountiful harvest from the seas in which fishing is one of the major industries in the municipality. The lower right depicts the coconut which is the major agricultural crop of Tagkawayan. Seventy percent (70%) of the total agricultural land area is devoted to coconut production. All these backbone occupations remain important to the town’s livelihood and rural identity. The seal helps Tagkawayan endure the challenges of times today, may it be political, social or economic ups and downs.



– Executive-Legislative Agenda 2019-2022