Kaway Festival is a week-long celebration that usually starts from February 1 and ends on February 11, the Town Fiesta itself. It is held to celebrate and honor the Tagkawayanin tradition, history and culture. It usually features:

  • Agri-Tourism Booth Contest
  • Araw ng mga Magsasaka at Mangingisda
  • Sing and Dance Contests
  • Beer Plaza
  • Gabi ng Pagtatanghal (Cultural Night)
  • Barangay Night & Gabi ng Kabataan
  • Cooking Contests
  • Civic Parade and Military Parade
  • Mr. & Ms. Teen Tagkawayan
  • Drum & Lyre Band Competition
  • Sayawayan Festival (is a cultural street dancing version of Tagkawayan that features the ritual dance and hand-signal traditions and costumes of the taga-kawayan)

Each event and activity showcases the culture and tradition of the Tagkawayanin, while at the same time, aiming to preserve and conserve the people’s cultural heritage for the next generation.