The municipal tourism office promotes tourism activities and formulates program and projects for the development of the local community as tourist attractions. It manages its local festival and develops innate talents related to cultural, sports and economic endeavors through presentations and competitions.


Tagkawayan is the last town in Quezon Province going south to the Bicol Region. Its residents are known as Tagkawayanin and speak the native dialect of Tagalog. Tagkawayan gained its status of being a first class municipality in 2010. Surrounded on all sides by rich agricultural greeneries and fishing areas, and accessible by all kinds of transportation, Tagkawayan has always been an ideal place for trade and commerce!

The name Tagkawayan is said to have derived from the phrase taga-kawayan which during the early Spanish period was the name given to the people living in the area. These natives would tie a piece of cloth in a bamboo pole, climb the mataas na bato and make signals to invite other groups to join in the merrymaking which they locally called lungkasan. The place where they usually make signal for an invitation is called Kawayan and the people living there were called taga-kawayan which ultimately became TAGKAWAYAN.

Tagkawayan had never been a town since its original founding (as a barrio of the municipality of Guinayangan)until it became a chartered municipality on January 1, 1941 through the effort of Don Tomas Morato, then a Representative of the 2nd District of the province of Quezon and a resident of the said barrio. At present, Tagkawayan has strived and is continuously aiming for a better and sustainable economy and aesthetic natural beauty aware of self-preservation and conservation yet widely-open for tourism.