What is StaySafe.Ph?

StaySafe.PH is the Philippines’ official health condition reporting, contact tracing, and social distancing system that empowers the public in the fight against COVID-19. By aggregating all reports, StaySafe.PH enables the Government to immediately respond to peoples’ needs and make informed and timely decisions to keep Filipinos safe during this pandemic. The system, which is made available in desktop and mobile version, aims to complement the management of COVID-19 cases, to remind individuals in observing physical distancing measures, to record and monitor individual’s COVID-19 symptoms, and to augment manual contact tracing processes.

StaySafe.PH is a project of the Interagency Task Force (IATF-EID) on Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases and National Task Force (NTF) on COVID-19. The Department of Interior Local Government (DILG) is the established Personal Information Controller, and will perform the centralized management of StaySafe.PH.


  • Mobile Number. Your mobile number will be used as a verification tool where you will receive One Time Password (OTP). This will also serve as your contact information, especially for your LGU to reach you if you are tagged as a COVID-19 positive.

Steps on How to Create an Account on StaySafe.ph

STEP 1. Open browser and type in www.staysafe.ph (Buksan ang browser at i-type ang www.staysafe.ph)
STEP 2. Click the “Continue with Web App” button. (Pindutin ang “Continue with Web App”)
STEP 3. Enter active mobile number and then click “Continue” button to receive your One-Time-Pin (OTP). (Ilagay ang numero ng iyong telepono at pindutin ang “Continue” para matanggap ang iyong One-Time-Pin (OTP).

STEP 4. Enter the OTP that you received. And click “Verify” button. (Ilagay ang OTP na iyong natanggap at pindutin ang (“Verify”)

STEP 5. Fill out the information needed and then click the “Complete Profile” button. (Ilagay ang mga hinihinging impormasyon at pindutin ang “Complete Profile”)
STEP 6. Select the symptoms that you’re experiencing or tap “none of the above” if none. To continue, click the “Submit” button. (Piliin ang mga sintomas na iyong nararanasan o kung wala naman ay piliin ang “none of the above”,
STEP 7. Click the “Save StaySafe QR Code as image” button, you may show your QR ID to establishments for health check and COVID-19 contact tracing. (Pindutin ang “Save StaySafe QR Code as image”)

Join us in stopping the spread of COVID-19 by enabling your Google / Apple Exposure Notification.

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